Are your sales team a hidden source of marketing gold?

goldWe came across a simple and very interesting tip for “content creation” the other day – the process by which a business “tells stories” about itself on the Internet and elsewhere.

So simple, and so obvious, we wondered why we had never heard anyone say it before.

It was this:

Ask the sales team which piece of content they would share with prospects if you helped them to create it.

This struck us as very good commonsense. In general, Marketing departments spend far too much of their time talking to themselves, to senior management, and to their marketing consultants, and not nearly enough time talking to the people on the front line of the business – the sales team.

Oh, well, they talk to them, of course. But do they really listen? Do they actively mine the sales team for great content to share on social media and elsewhere? Is the marketing team intentional about finding those stories, enriching them, and publishing them?

Here’s a simple idea: why not offer an incentive for salespeople to write up their best “good news story” about a real client every month, and send it in to the marketing department. It doesn’t have to be about how everything went swimmingly; you know, just a lot of cliched “good news”.

In fact some of the best stories are about how a problem occurred, was understood, and was successfully solved using your business’s dedication to customer service.

When the whole world was a series of villages, everyone knew everybody else’s business. They told stories about one another. Frankly, they gossiped. And it was a key way that people learned what was going on around them, including – critically – how to find a good supplier of whatever it is they needed.

Well, the various social media platforms in the world today are our new “parish pump”. Where people sit around and gossip.

Fill them with real stories, and see your public presence grow and improve. Start by asking those who live your brand out there in the marketplace, every day. What would they tell the world about their customers, if you gave them the chance?

You might uncover some real gems.


Author: Stephen Yolland

Director of Creative Strategy and Partner @ Magnum Opus Partners.

One thought

  1. This is also a great question to ask current clients – Which piece of content would you share if you were going to refer us? Thanks Yolly


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