What type of experience are your customers REALLY having?


How do you know your customers are happy with the way you’re treating them?

No: we mean how do you really know?

The answer, we guess, essentially comes down to “ask them”. But then how do we know they’re telling us the truth? Hmmm.

The question becomes more and more pressing when your customers are increasingly interacting with you online, away from your eyes and ears.

We found these words in an article by Veronika Birnkammer in Marketing Magazine to be both prescient and purposeful:

Creating a seamless experience for the customer is impossible without having a 360 degree view of their activities. Digital has opened up the number of channels customers can interact in and it is important these are synced to build one view of an individual.


This will deliver an unbroken and highly relevant conversation across channels, capable of responding to and anticipating customers’ ever-evolving needs.


It saves the business from losing the customer between channels or worse yet, the customer having to repeat themselves as they seek help through the sales journey.


Today’s forward thinking companies are investing in integrated toolkits spanning marketing, commerce, service and sales to create seamless experiences across all channels. Customers don’t want to be managed, they want to engage with businesses whenever and however they please. They don’t care about channels. It’s not their problem to deal with issues arising from switching from one to the other. It is a brand they are interacting with, not a channel. And this brand must be consistent, convenient and considerate of the customer’s feelings, wants and needs.

MOPSpeaking personally, and professionally, we think we can count on the fingers on one hand the number of times that our online experience of a brand was both congruent with and relevant to our experience of the brand in the “real world”.

Sometimes the online experience is markedly better but then everything falls down at the “bricks and sticks” Point of Sale. Sometimes the opposite is true. Sometimes there’s just a complete mis-match between the tone and nature of the online experience and the personnel we then meet.

It just doesn’t seem so hard to get them working together, seamlessly, complimenting one another. Does it?



Author: Stephen Yolland

Director of Creative Strategy and Partner @ Magnum Opus Partners.

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