Interesting tourism trends revealed by Expedia survey, especially re China/Australia

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Travel trends 2018

Expedia research conducted mid 2017 has revealed that different nationalities have different travel behaviours when it comes to budget, length of stay, choosing a destination or accommodation. Some highlights include:

Expedia’s Multi-National Travel Trends survey included 8,000 people: 1,000 respondents each from Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, the UK and the USA.

Chinese travellers are the most indecisive when it comes to choosing a destination, while German travellers “know exactly what they want”.

When it comes to the total number of trips travellers take each year, the Chinese take the most with an average of 5.3 annually, for Japan, that number is 2.8.

Chinese and Japanese people take more trips of shorter durations; Australians and Europeans take longer trips, and fewer of them in a year.

From a budget perspective, flights and accommodation knock out around 50% of traveller budgets regardless of the nationality, with food making up about 16% of the overall travel budget.

Japanese travellers spend the highest percentage of their travel budget on hotels, Australian travellers take the longest trips while people from all over the world – except Germany – are indecisive about where to visit.

Expedia executive Hari Nair sees this data as helping their business to be a “matchmaker” as it brings together customers and marketers. “One side you have millions of customers who come to our site looking for inspiration, research or to make a transaction. On the other side, you have travel marketers and advertisers who are looking for a way to get in front of that customer base to help them discover destinations, hotels and airlines.”

In findings that will resonate strongly with Australian tourism and travel businesses, who are exceptionally interested in the Chinese tourism dollar, Nair noted:

““Travellers are super indecisive about where is it that they want to travel. In fact, they are shouting out to us saying, ‘We need help’. Two years ago we conducted a research piece called Path to Purchase and that data suggested that in the 45 days leading to the time of booking, an average traveller makes 120 visitations to several sites. That’s a lot.” Expedia has followed travellers through the purchase process and found that while they may begin searching for one destination, they can often end up booking a very different one. And of the nationalities, Chinese travellers are the most indecisive while German travellers “know exactly what they want”.

It would seem to follow that continuing to aggressively promote Australia’s advantages to Chinese travellers – and perhaps to increase that activity – is likely to pay dividends by provoking increased preference and purchase.

Chinese shopper at CreswickOne statistic which stands out is the percentage of spend the Chinese attribute to shopping. “Shopping is really, really important for these customers. From a practical standpoint, if you’re trying to reach out to the Chinese consumer, think about the images. Think about the messages. Think about your promise. Think about angles you can use pertaining to shopping and how easy and convenient it would be for a Chinese traveller because it seems that is important to them,” said Nair.

This last point will ring bells with MOP customer Creswick Woolen Mills, which has been highly successful in attracting Chinese visitors to their iconic regional Victorian location. As well as enjoying increased visitation to their location, the company has a healthy business exporting its premium natural fibre products to China, especially to past visitors.

At MOP, we offer both a strong background in tourism management and marketing as well as a good understanding of emerging markets which we can share with you.

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Author: Stephen Yolland

Director of Creative Strategy and Partner @ Magnum Opus Partners.

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